DO THE HUSTLE: In-studio Interactive Dance Performance + Audience Discussion

By Chautauqua Institution (other events)

Wednesday, August 31 2022 3:00 PM 5:00 PM EDT

FREE EVENT! Come join this Hustle reflection and be a critical part of helping Hustle culture on its way back to NYC. This event is intended to invite audience members to give feedback on any of the residency events attended while also serving as another opportunity to experience an interactive stage performance with Emmy-award nominee Chari Glogovac-Smith.

This project is Commissioned by Works & Process at the Guggenheim

HUSTLE is a child of the 70’s disco era from NYC. Named after its fast-paced stepping style, Hustle is a social dance form that emerged from pre-existing Latin and African-American dances. It’s a part of the American cultural legacy and continues to capture the interest of people across the globe and generations. A groundbreaking movement genre that brought together queer and straight communities through touch and rhythm whereby the roles of leader and follower are not gender specific. Hustle can be perceived as a joint celebratory outburst of energy, where yourself and a partner in crime — or two — hold hands to embark on an ever-present, expansive, twirling journey across a fierce dance floor to the sound of disco.


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